Hot Lunch Menu

Lunch will be provided by Taher, Inc.  We will begin providing meals on the first day of school this year.  The ordering procedure is as follows:

  1. Monthly menus will be attached to the school newsletter and website.
  2. Cost:  $3.35 (includes milk) unless you qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Milk only – 40¢
  3. LUNCHES ARE ORDERED on a daily basis.  The teachers will ask your child if they will be taking a hot lunch.  The room count will be sent to the office by 8:00 a.m. daily.  If your child will be late to school, please inform the office by 8:00 a.m. if he/she will be taking hot lunch.  No exceptions!
  4. Taher is given our lunch count daily.  Meals are prepared in our campus kitchens.  A self-serve fruit and vegetable bar will be available for those students who purchase a lunch.
  5. Meals will be served on trays, they will not be prepackaged meals.  Most meals will be cooked right at the school!
  6. Paying for your meals… Each child will have an account through Option C.  Please send no less than $30.00 with the lunch deposit form found on this page.  Checks should be made payable to All Saints Catholic School (ASCS).  Money will be taken out of the account when your child receives a lunch.
  7. Lunch account access is found via OptionC.  Families will receive username and passwords.  We ask that you monitor your child/children’s accounts and send money to your campus office prior to a negative balance.

ASCS Lunch Coordinator:  Lesley Feudner, or 262-925-4000 Ext. 4003

Taher, Inc. Food Service Director:  Dolly Maluska,

Hot Lunch Deposit Form

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